Frequently Questions

Frequently Questions

How can one contact Partieh-Mozaffarian? (Social networks, email, applications, phone numbers etc.)

Website :

Facebook :

Facebook :

Instagram : partiehmozaffarian_official@

Support :

Phone : 22660230-22044529

Lower floor, Esteghlal Hotel, Parkway Junction, Tehran 1964763311

Is Partieh-Mozaffarian a branch of the other Mozaffarian shops? Can the Partieh-Mozaffarian pieces be obtained in other Mozaffarian shops?

No, The Mozaffarian family has been in the gold, gem, silver and antique business for over a hundred and fifty years. Some use this name for trading purposes and are not necessarily part of the direct family, they are separate shops and are not branches of the same business. Partieh-Mozaffarian is a unique brand of the true Mozaffarian family and so far has only one showroom which is in the Esteghlal Hotel.

Can one purchase pieces online or by phone?

You can contact us through all the methods provided but you must know the code of the piece you would like to purchase.

Are the pieces made to order unique?

Are the pieces made to order unique?

Why are the prices unavailable on the website and social networks?

This is probably the question most frequently asked by friends and clients of Partieh-Mozaffarian. The reason why the prices are not on our social media page is that our prices are dependent on the world prices of precious metals and also on the fluctuations in the foreign currency market and also to prevent possible misuse.

Partieh-Mozaffarian is connected to which Mozaffarian?

We respect all our relatives close and distant who are in this business and the honour which our relatives have brought to this name all over the world. Partieh-Mozaffarian is managed by Mohammadreza Mozaffarian, the son of Manouchehr who is the eldest son of Morteza Mozaffarian. He worked at the showroom at Lalehzar Junction and at the Tehran Grand Bazaar before establishing Partieh-Mozaffarian at the Esteghlal Hotel.